Details on getting the Xiaomi Air Purifier Review

Xiaomi has disclosed the second era of Xiaomi Air Purifier-the update of the original. In this article, I’ll educate you something concerning the appearance, work and the determination of this item for you.


This sort of Xiaomi Air Purifier is more modest than the final remaining one. The 520mm stature make it looks like a respectful kid The fan is set at the top, and the power switch and the Wi-Fi marker are set on one side. To diminish how much the button, the power switch is the breeze speed switch too, and you can change to programmed mode, rest mode and most loved mode erratic. In the wake of perusing the depiction, you can set the utilization region and change the effectiveness of filtration and save the information base through App. The rear of the Xiaomi Air Purifier is a residue sensor which can screen the grouping of particulate matter like PM2.5 in the air. On the lower part of the Xiaomi Air Purifier is furnished with an air quality marker. The red, orange and green tones can show indoor air quality continuously.

Cleaning proficiency and working commotion

About the air cleaning proficiency and working commotion, the air filtration effectiveness of this item is more agreeable than the original Xiaomi Air Purifier. We can plainly feel the improvement of indoor air quality after we use it for a while. Also, the functional commotion is fundamentally inside the satisfactory reach

Xiaomi savvy home application

You can utilize the Xiaomi savvy home application to associate with the Wi-Fi, and afterward you can change the most appropriate working mode as indicated by the front room region. It’s seriously thrilling that it can gain proficiency with your custom adroitly. For instance, it very well may be changed consequently to the rest before you nod off. What is more, when you go out, it’ll switch off the purifier consequently. What is more, the capacity of Temperature, moistness enlistment has given clean air and more visual wellbeing tips for the appropriate home.


  • Cell phone controller and alarms
  • Working modes: Automatic mode, dozing mode, timing mode, and so forth
  • Appropriate for work space, study, room, restroom and other spot
  • With the establishment guide, simple and quick to introduce
  • Gives happy with living/learning/office climate for yourself as well as your loved ones


  • Channel substitution is extremely advantageous, when it needs to transform it will remind consequently.
  • The idea of channel substitution cycle is three to a half year
  • 360-degree barrel channel for Xiaomi Air Purifier
  • Incorporated early impact, HEPA, three layers of actuated carbon channel
  • 3-layered channel eliminates 99.99 percent of PM2.5 particles


Brand: Xiaomi

Model: Xiaomi Air Purifier

Weight: 6kg

Size: 29.00 x 28.00 x 58.00 cm/11.42 x 11.02 x 22.83 inches